Week One 2018 in Review

The first week of the year has FLOWN by!  Have you taken the leap into 2018?

I talk a lot about Fear & Goals (even if the goal is just eating a sandwich).  Something I learned from Corporate America is that goal setting is essential.  It helps not only to stay on the right path, but also to evaluate whether you’ve actually gotten anywhere at all (toward the desired result).  It’s easy to think that we’ve made NO PROGRESS when we don’t set goals (especially if you’re a pessimist) and it’s also easy to FOOL YOURSELF into thinking you’re making progress when really, the data hasn’t changed.

The first week of the year for the Oliver Family has been filled with grinding toward our goals.

Me, personally, I’m working on turning my almost 4-year old filly, Princess Audacious V (Audie) into a willing and confident partner. My plan is to enter her in the local show circuit this season. We will probably do trail trials, for the obstacle experience, and dressage schooling, because I like the training process of starting with easy maneuvers and working toward more complicated ones.  My other MAJOR goal for 2018 is to scale my business to a level that allows me EVEN MORE time freedom.

This year, I turn 50… which gives me pause. The good news is, my BFF Kellie & I are planning a trip to ITALY!!!!  We were in Europe together in High School in 1984, and we thought it fitting that we spend our 50th year in Europe together again.  THIS time, we’re dragging our husbands along (and they are pleased).  We will spend time in Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii, and Rome!  This is BY FAR the most fun goal we have for the year.

Kellie understands how to create SMART GOALS and stick to them! We have had monthly meetings to plan our Italy trip, and now that we are only five months away, we are meeting every other week, to make sure we do everything we want to do, see everything we want to see, and do so in a relaxed and organized manner. I told her she should turn her love of organizing trips into a business.  She’s not completely convinced. 😉

Drop a comment below and tell me what your goals are this year!  And if you know Kellie, give her some encouragement to organize YOUR trip!

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