National Sandwich Day

Sandwiches are one of my favorite foods.  Simple to make and versatile for anyone’s tastes, you can almost count on your guests enjoying a sandwich.  Well, unless your friends are Paleo, Ketogenic, or another low-carb program.  In that case, you can substitute the bread with lettuce. In my opinion, though, a sandwich is not a sandwich without the bread.

During the Middle Ages, stale bread (called “trenchers”) was used as a plate, and after the food on top was eaten, the soaked bread was fed to a dog, or a beggar, or a poor person (1)…. Sad that all of those things are listed in the same category.

The point is, sandwiches have been around forever.  And why not, they are delicious.  I enjoy my sandwich a lot more when someone else makes it for me.  Strange, but true.  Today, I think Jersey Mike’s is the winner.  What kind of sandwich is your favorite???