Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate? OK, maybe someone doesn’t, but most people I know enjoy a little, now and then!  It’s one of my favorite sweet treats, to be sure.  When I decided I wanted to write about chocolate, I did a little research.  There is a LONG and (somewhat disturbing) history to the stuff, but what I found most interesting is that chocolate was first ONLY a drink.  AND, it wasn’t sweet.  Only when the Europeans got their hands on it, was sugar added.

Here’s a good article written by Smithsonian magazine that talks all about its history.

Here are the things I find fascinating (according to the above article) about chocolate.

  • Researchers have discovered evidence that’s it’s been used since 1400 B.C.E.
  • It has been rumored to have magical powers
  • Supposedly Cassanova loved it (presumably an aphrodisiac)
  • It was so valuable that it was used as currency in pre-modern Latin America
  • It wasn’t fashioned into bars until 1847

Again, every time I start reading about something I “think” I know a little bit about, I discover that I actually know nothing.  Life is a grand adventure, isn’t it?