Nurses know that the world is changing. Especially the ones who have been around a while (like me). With few exceptions (the AIDS epidemic being one of them), the patients weren’t as sick as they are now. We had help with the personal care tasks like toileting, feeding, and bathing our patients. We had more time to teach, and it seemed the patients were more able to learn. Maybe it was because they weren’t as sick. Maybe it was because the patients knew that the RN’s job was to teach us, and it was the Aide’s job to help them with their personal care. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for this change. My guess is many of these changes came about in an effort to maximize “profit” in the healthcare industry. Even non-profit organizations have to pay people.

As the culture changes, every type of industry feels the change. In hospitals, EVERYONE feels it. The housekeepers are expected to clean faster, better, and with less help. The phlebotomists have to draw more patients, in a shorter amount of time, AND the patients are in worse shape, which means the job is technically more difficult, too. Nurses are pulled in many more directions during their shifts, Physicians have a bigger patient load, and families of patients are more involved with decision making, using Google as their guide to all clinical things. Administration feels the pressure from regulatory agencies to improve systems and dot every “i” and cross every “t,” while middle management has the joyful task of policing all of that grammar.

To turn a ship this big is a huge challenge, and it is a SLOW process. A challenge, that I, for one, am not ambitious enough to tackle. However, it got me thinking. How can I help in a small way? Can I help even one other person to adapt to changes and THRIVE in this crazy world we live in? I believe I can. When the Industrial Age died, it was replaced with the Information Age (1).

THAT is the BEST NEWS EVER!!! Not only does this mean that the WHOLE WORLD has opened up for us, it also means that our IMAGINATION is our only limitation.  Literally. I have chosen an Affiliate Marketing path. Long term, in addition to this platform, I plan on building a business (or multiple businesses) designed to do EXACTLY what I LOVE to do. Helping people succeed. Each of us has the same inherent tools at our disposal. Maybe they are buried. Maybe they need CPR. That’s OK, we can bring them back to life.  Who’s ready to change the world with me?

Below is a video of one of my business partners. She was working in Human Resources and wasn’t loving her life. Then she changed it.