Lately, I’ve been seeing the world differently. My perspective has changed, as it does when one leaves the comfort zone. I haven’t had many “BAD” days, if any, since I’ve begun this entrepreneurship journey. That being said, some days are more productive than others.

There are really very few things that are worth diverting attention to when I am working on building my business. In fact, most of the things that have gotten me side-tracked were just noise. Sure, it’s human nature to want a break, but certainly, these “breaks” can derail momentum.

That’s what the post about SMART goals was all about… to illustrate the fact that we humans tend to under achieve from a lack of planning. If you missed that post, you can find it here:


A goal is a dream with a plan. How badly do you want to lose that 30 pounds? How badly do you want out of that soul sucking job? How badly do you want to be home when your kids get home from school, or to go to all of their games? If you want it badly enough, AND you have a specific, WRITTEN plan, the chances are, you will reach that goal. Don’t let the noise distract you.

Take it from Kenney Chesney. Watch this for 3 1/2 minutes of inspiration!

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