LIFE is Meant to be LIVED

When I changed my life by changing my career, I only had a glimpse of what is to come. Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some SERIOUSLY successful people. By successful, I mean people who live life on their terms, and have built income streams to support those terms. Each of us has our “WHY” and they are all different. That’s because each of us is given special talents and abilities, dreams and goals, circumstances and destiny. I’m having trouble, even now, articulating what I’m trying to communicate.

After attending this event, which was much more than a Pep Rally, I heard many people describe it as “drinking from a fire hose.” Perhaps that is the best way to describe how much information, and life-sustaining water I was given. Stepping off the ledge is the hardest part. Prince Ea said it best: “Leap, and grow your wings on the way down.”