Fear, Grief & Confusion

The events in Las Vegas are another sad reminder of the instability in the world. Any one of us Country Music fans could have been in that crowd. When I was watching the coverage of this event, I was struck by how confused the people present must have been. To hear that many gunshots must have been surreal. I’m not sure my brain would have even registered what was happening, it is such a foreign sound. It is heartbreaking to see such fear.

Then, when I read how many people were hospitalized, my thoughts went immediately to the nurses and doctors in the hospitals nearby. I personally know a few of them. I’ve always believed that first responders and Emergency/Critical Care medical personnel have a certain level of PTSD just because of the work they do, but they also have very few resources to deal with those psychological assaults. I’m not saying they don’t have access to resources, I’m suggesting the infrastructure in most hospitals doesn’t consider the anguish these people face on a daily basis. There is no one to step in and say, “Let me take care of your patients for you, while you go talk to Pastor Dan.”

Personally, if I think about these things too long, I become physically ill. This problem reminds me of a song my friend sang the other day on a trail ride. I was telling her how impressed I was that she sees BIG problems and decides to find a way to fix them. I’m working on being more like her, but by nature I tend to be more of a “walk around the problem” type of person. It’s not that I let a problem stop me, but she literally digs her way through the mountain instead of climbing up it, or, like me, finding a nice comfortable, windy road up it. Anyway, the song is “There’s a hole in my bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza.” I found it on YouTube so I could sing it to her on our next ride. LOL

There’s A Hole In My Bucket Dear Liza | Children’s Rhymes With Lyrics | English Nursery Rhymes

It gets me wondering how I could be of help in situations, big or small, people face in this crazy world. Who has ideas for me?

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  1. Thank you Jen!!!
    What a big compliment.
    The premise of that song keeps me going threw all the daily bs.
    That hole is never to big to fix it just takes tenacity

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