Football and other Sunday Sports

I grew up in a football family.  Well, sort of.  My Dad loved football.  On Saturdays he would root for the Fighting Irish and Sundays the Dallas Cowboys.  He didn’t go to Notre Dame, so I’m not sure where the love came from, but he lived in Dallas when my brothers were little.  My brothers liked football, too, but now only one of them likes football.  The rest could care less.  For some reason, I LOVE FOOTBALL.  Especially the Cowboys.  I have fond memories of Thanksgiving dinner with the family, including cousins most years, and always, always, always, the Cowboys were playing.  That’s probably why I still like football and frankly, most of my friends could care less.  In fact, if you’re still reading this, I’m amazed.

Being a Cowboys fan (and I am DEFINITELY a Cowboys fan) is difficult.  People either love the Cowboys, or hate the Cowboys.  It’s a cultural phenomenon.  For over a decade, this team has STUNK.  Last season, they were AMAZING.  I’m excited to see what they do this season.  I know it’s weird, but I’m excited to watch my Cowboys play.  So, whatever you’re doing today, whether it’s storm watching and praying, shopping, hanging out with your friends who are apathetic and annoyed by football, do it with some excitement!  That’s my plan for the day.