SHORT addition on FEAR

Harvey, Irma, Jose.  My whole life in nursing I heard that “bad things come in threes.”  As a teenager in the nursing home, when someone passed away, the staff would wonder which two others were next.  Never tested, but believed.  In the overnight hours working in the Emergency Department I remember discussing the cycle of the moon and what kind of weirdness it would bring to us during our shift.  This is where the term “lunatic” originated, in the belief that people go crazy during the full moon.  I actually Googled this phenomenon and found scholarly articles debunking the myth.  Try telling an Emergency Department RN that the full moon doesn’t change people’s behavior.  Good luck with that!  One nurse I knew in the Critical Care Unit would tie towels to the head of the bed when she had a patient likely to die, to prevent the death from occurring (during her shift).

Back to Harvey, Irma and Jose.  Weather patterns, cycles of the moon, the hour of death, these are things we, as individuals, cannot control.  Perhaps we can “live right” and recycle, drive a fuel efficient car, turn off lights when we’re not using them, live with less and not more, exercise, eat right, lose weight, avoid cigarettes, whatever, to impact these phenomena, however, once they are set in motion, there is little we can do to change them.  All we can change is our reaction to them.  Once again, I am not afraid of much, but seeing the images of those hurricanes is one of those visuals that set my heart to racing (and not in a good way).  I feel like I want to help in some way, but I don’t know how, specifically.  That’s when I remember that I have prayer.  Call it what you will, but prayer works.  It’s positive energy focused specifically to a problem, an individual or a group.  Faith.  Hope.  Love.  So, before I ramble on and ruin this post, send some focused, positive energy to all of those facing and cleaning up from this ridiculous weather, and spend some more positive energy and prayer to thank whomever or whatever you (personally) thank for the sunshine in your day.